About Us

We meet families where they are on their journey with kindness and patience.

Hello! I'm Monica Armas, proud owner of Beacon Placement & Care Services.

Growing up, I gravitated toward the adult table, enchanted by the wonderful stories shared by my older relatives. Reflecting on my childhood, I’m confident my ability to assist older adults and their families is what God has intended for my life. With a heart to serve and a background in education, I have developed skills and knowledge of complex family dynamics to meet my clients where they are on their aging journey with kindness and patience.

Coming from a large family, our parents provided us with a healthy, positive, spiritual, and humble lifestyle. Despite the challenges of raising six children, our parents instilled the importance of generosity from an early age.

I am honored to humbly give back to others the way my parents did. I am blessed to help families during times of challenge and transition. I am a matchmaker. I find true joy in educating families and older adults to find the right care and housing options that meet their individual needs. I give families peace and hope in finding and making the right decision.


We strive to honor, serve, and be a beacon of hope to everyone we meet.

The image of a lighthouse represents our mission to be a guiding light to seniors and their families seeking resources in the advanced stages of life.

What our clients say...

Approaching a senior transition? We are here to help.